imin: First generation college applicants often need help navigating the complexities of the college application process. Imin seeks to make this process easier.
imin: Let’s take a look at what these students’ pain points are. I conducted interviews with three different members of the target group. This is what I learned.
imin: This is the first round of navigation based upon a user-tested card sorting exercise.
imin: Competitive analysis: what is out there isn’t really serving our target audience’s needs.
imin: Based upon what I learned so far, I developed a few user flow charts.
imin: Wireframes! I started with paper comps, photographed and served with InVision. The above wireframes were created after a full round of user testing of the digitized paper comps. Feel free to get up close and cozy with these (image is 10,000 pixels wide). Please also feel free to review the presentation file.