Pablo Neruda Dustjacket: This piece is an exploration of how communication functions. In all our forms of communication (spoken, written, artistic, etc.) not all of our “signal” that is transmitted is likely to “arrive” at our intended destination (audience). This distortion or signal drop-off becomes part of a fascinating human dance where signals can be mixed or taken in a new direction. This is one of the many beauties of poetry, and certainly, Pablo Neruda’s work.

How do you showcase this signal distortion/fall off from a visual perspective? Here, the background image involved a photocopy machine (the autonomous master of visual signal fall-off), two pieces of lumber, an anti-static zip lock bag, and a few other odds and ends. The lumber was used to “stir” the concoction on top of the photocopy machine emulating the complex nature of communication. What we are left with both gains and loses visual elements and is transformed into something new, something beautiful, and something quite strange. Below you’ll find a series of images from that process.
Pablo Neruda project: Pre-photocopier Abstract vector line drawings started it all.
Pablo Neruda project: Photocopier What the photocopier saw.
Pablo Neruda project: Another stage of the photocopier process.
Pablo Neruda project: An early version of the layout (without image).
Pablo Neruda project: Another early version with image this time.
Pablo Neruda project: Finally, the idea blossoms into a dust jacket.